Momentum Trading: Types, Benefits, Strategies, and More

However, an oscillator reading below 20 indicates oversold conditions in a market that may lead to a market reversal to the upside. Similarly, readings above 80 indicate overbought conditions and the potential for a bearish reversal. Momentum traders benefit from herd mentality, greed, and fear of missing out.

  1. In fact, researchers have found that pairing a momentum strategy with value investing, can offer improvements over either in isolation.
  2. The trader then sells when momentum drops and repeats the process on the next uptrend.
  3. Momentum trading is a strategy that involves taking advantage of price volatility and strong moves in prices by buying in an uptrend and selling when that trend loses momentum.
  4. This strategy requires good timing and an understanding of market momentum.

Not everyone can be momentum traders, but those who succeed in doing so get a very useful tool to make profits in the markets. A momentum strategy reacts to market information by buying when price trends are strong and selling when the assets appear to lose momentum. There are a variety of indicators needed for momentum trading, including moving averages and oscillators.

What affects stock’s price momentum?

Momentum trading carries with it a higher degree of volatility than most other strategies. If buys and sells are not timed correctly, they may result in significant losses. Most momentum traders use stop loss or some other risk management technique to minimize losses in a losing trade. The idea of this strategy is simple – Momentum trading capitalizes on the continuation of existing market trends, leveraging the inertia that drives financial markets.

Step 5 – Create the portfolio

To start trading momentum, you will need to consider the asset that you are interested in. You can trade momentum with any market, including forex, penny stocks, futures, mutual funds, ETFs, or using options. You can even do high-frequency momentum trading with cryptocurrencies. Since momentum relies on volume, it makes sense to consider more liquid markets, such as EUR/USD, gold or Bitcoin. Let’s study a simple example of a momentum trading strategy using moving averages.

Factors Affecting the Momentum

The firm offers multiple trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, and a proprietary WebTrader. 1250+ financial instruments are available for day trading, alongside a comprehensive education center and multilingual customer support. In the chart below, you can see the 50 EMA (exponential moving average) and the 200 EMA. When the 50 EMA crosses below the 200 EMA, it signals a downtrend in price. The moving average is popular because it can indicate the formation of trends and the strength of those trends.

It is important to note that momentum trading is not a long-only strategy. Taking long positions in stocks with high upside momentum and short positions in stocks with a high downside momentum. They do that using different technical indicators to identify trends and gauge the strength of the trend, as well as sentiment indicators that show the general mood of the market. In a bullish market, they seek to buy the top-performing stocks and ETFs (or whatever asset they are analyzing), and in a bearish market, they seek to short-sell the weakest stocks.

For instance, the RSI may remain in an overbought zone for an extended period without a corresponding trend reversal. Hence, it’s advisable to use the RSI in conjunction with other technical indicators to gain a more comprehensive view of the market conditions. This approach enhances the accuracy and reliability of trading decisions based on the RSI. In short, momentum trading strategies help you to recognize and follow the trend. So, in this article, we will cover everything you need to get started trading these strategies.

And the fast-line, or the fast-moving average with a smaller lookback period, say 50. Momentum trading can be used across sectors and asset classes, so you can stick with the assets you’re most comfortable with. If you have expertise in biotech stocks, momentum techniques can be used in that sector.

The idea is to measure momentum across all the stocks in the tracking universe and trade the ones that showcase the highest momentum. Remember, momentum can be either long or short, so a trader following a single stock momentum strategy will get both long and short trading opportunities. Moving averages allow you to identify price trends by filtering out market noise and short-term fluctuations. MA lines can be applied for different periods and can show traders whether a trend is accelerating. The goal for investors is to react to market information by buying rising securities and selling them when they appear to have reached a peak. This herding strategy follows other participants in the market who seek buying opportunities in short-term uptrends.

In contrast, it is best to reduce position size when holding multiple sessions to allow more substantial movement and stop placement further away from the current action. Like other momentum systems, CAN SLIM also includes rules for when to enter and exit stocks, based mainly on technical analysis. The bottom line on momentum trading is that it is a higher-risk way to put money to work in the stock market.

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It is similar to other range-bound indicators, in that it provides overbought and oversold signals depending on its value. Anything above 70 is considered overbought, and anything below 30 is considered oversold. Markets are constantly changing and only a backtest determines if momentum trading is profitable for the asset you are looking at. The code for all three backtested momentum trading strategies is included in the package.

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