How to make a WordPress website

How To Build a WordPress Website for making money is the most asked keyword to me from beginners as I am doing this as a freelancer for a long time from the beginner.

How to Make a Website | Step-By-Step Guide

How to Make a Website From Scratch: A Beginner’s Guide

Step: 01Domain & Hosting 

1.1 Choose a web host

1.2 Register a domain name

Step: 02Set up hosting

2.1 . Setting DNS: 

> Namecheap basic DNS

> Namecheap web hosting 

> Custom DNS

2.2. Addon Domain 

2.3 Install WordPress

Step: 03 – Website setup-Configure Important Site Settings

3.1. Discourage search engine and Change Username to admin

3.2. setup permalink

3.3. Free or Premium WordPress Theme Install 

3.4. Remove all the extra theme 

3.5. Remove all the demo posts and pages 

3.6 Remove all the extra plugins 

3.7. Install all the necessary plugins

3.8. Configuration of all the plugins

Step: 04 Customize the full website

4.1. Customize layout, font, header, footer, sidebar

4.2. Create Mandatory Pages

4.3. Create Menu: Mandatory Menu 

4.4 Create Categories and Primary Menu

4.5. Post at least 5 posts & uncheck the discouraged SEO

Step: 05 Publish the various types of content 

5.1 Blog content

5.2 Information content 

5.3 Profuct Content 

Step: 6 Google Related Task

6.1. Instal sitekit plugin

6.2. Setup search engine, 

6.3. Setup google analytics, 

Step: 7 Monetization

7.1 Apply the Google adsense

7.2 Apply for the Amazon affiliate

7.3 Start to show sponsor ad 

Step 8. Keep Your Site Up To Date

8.1 Create a content calendar 

8.2 Repurpose and repost older content 

8.3 Perform regular audits 

8.4 Consider updates to site templates and layouts 

Step 9: Don’t forget marketing.




Step 10: Mastering WordPress




Wrapping up

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