How to find out other’s hosting of a domain

Determining the hosting provider of a domain can be useful for various reasons, such as identifying potential competitors or learning from websites with similar functionalities.

Here are some methods to find out the hosting provider of a domain:

  1. Use Online Tools:
    • Several online tools and websites can help you identify the hosting provider of a domain. One popular tool is “WhoIsHostingThis” (
    • Visit the website and enter the domain name in the search bar. The tool will provide information about the hosting provider if available.
  2. Check DNS Records:
    • You can use the “nslookup” command in the Windows Command Prompt or the “dig” command in Linux/Unix to check the DNS (Domain Name System) records associated with a domain.
    • Open the command prompt or terminal and enter one of the following commands: nslookup OR dig
    • Look for the “A” or “MX” record, which may include the hosting provider’s server information.
  3. Use a Domain Research Tool:
    • Tools like “DomainTools” ( provide extensive domain information, including hosting details.
    • Visit the website, enter the domain name, and explore the results for hosting provider information.
  4. Contact the Website Owner:
    • If the above methods do not yield results, you can try reaching out to the owner of the website and ask them directly.
    • Look for contact information on the website, if available, or use the website’s contact form or social media profiles to inquire.
  5. Check Hosting Directory Websites:
    • Some websites maintain directories of hosting providers and their clients.
    • You can visit websites like “HostAdvice” ( or similar directories to search for hosting information.
  6. Use a Domain History Lookup:
    • Domain history lookup services like “” ( can provide historical information about websites, including hosting details.
    • While this may not provide the current hosting provider, it can offer insights into the website’s hosting history.
  7. Web Hosting Provider Identifiers:
    • Sometimes, websites may include the name of their hosting provider in the footer or metadata of their web pages.
    • View the page source (right-click on the webpage and select “View Page Source”) and search for terms like “hosted by,” “powered by,” or “hosting provider.”
  8. Utilize WHOIS Data:
    • WHOIS databases contain information about domain registrations, including the hosting provider.
    • You can perform a WHOIS lookup on the domain through a WHOIS lookup tool or a domain registrar’s website.

Please note that not all methods may yield accurate or up-to-date results, as some website owners may take steps to conceal their hosting provider information. Additionally, hosting providers may change over time, so the information you find may not be current. Always respect the privacy and terms of service of websites you investigate.

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