About us

Welcome to WPSayed, a free WordPress guide, resources & tutorial site for beginners. 

Who I am:
I am Md Sayed Ali from Bangladesh. I am the founder of WPsayed.com. I am a WordPress enthusiast and enjoy sharing my experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

What is this site for:
That’s why I love to write guides, resources & tutorials on WordPress themes & plugins, security, error & bug fixing, speed & performance, SEO, tips- tricks & updates of WordPress, and make videos for my youtube channel.  

I write about WordPress guides, resources & tutorials, blogging with WordPress, web hosting reviews and the idea of the domain,  affiliate marketing, etc. I, actually, am a WordPress fanatic since 2016.

Besides this, our main goal is to provide quality tutorials, tips, and tricks that help WordPress beginners to improve their WordPress websites.

Hopefully, I am a quick learner and love to learn skills every day to make better and quality products for beginners who use WordPress for his/her blog.

I have to mention more about an important thing It’s a public website or blog, so you can read any post totally free. If you want to share a post with your website please mention our website link.

Why I have become a web developer
There was a time when websites were just a hobby. But now it is no longer a hobby or a luxury, but a necessity. People are now creating websites for personal and business needs every day. But the number of skilled web developers is negligible compared to the demand. We can earn a lot of money by creating websites according to clients’ needs.

Apart from this, I work as a freelancer in various marketplaces. Web developers are most in demand in the market places. Remuneration is also higher than in other jobs. While the number of graphic designers, and data entry operators is increasing day by day, the number of new web designers is relatively less. Every day the market size of the web development sector is increasing at lightning speed, but the number of web developers is not increasing at that rate.

This has created a huge demand in this sector. Also, web development is one of my most passionate work. I don’t find it difficult to work on programming all day or most of the day, rather I like it. This is why I have wanted and become a web developer or web programmer.

And I spend a certain amount of time learning new web technologies, practicing and sharing them with newbies through my blog, in addition to doing client work every day.

Why I made this blog related to WordPress
And WordPress is playing a unique role in web development nowadays. Almost 43% of all websites in the world are powered by WordPress. This is why I am a huge fan of WordPress and I love WordPress. So I work on WordPress and create guidelines and resources with updates on various details of WordPress which I am sharing with you through this blog for free.

Feel free to contact:
Feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas, opportunities, or for any valuable feedback. You can mail me at [email protected]

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